Your essential after-the-wedding checklist

Now that your wedding day is finally over, you must be eager to enjoy your “Just married” status! After all the stress of planning your wedding day, you may be relieved that it is finally time to relax. Alas, you aren’t free from your wedding-related tasks just yet! There’s still more to do, before you can wrap up your wedding to-do’s.

Best for Bride, Canada’s one-stop destination for all bridal needs, bring us this essential checklist of after-the-wedding tasks to promptly handle. Make sure you do not miss any of them.

Take care of your wedding dress

Whether you plan to keep your dress or sell it after the wedding, have it cleaned and preserved soon after the wedding. (Ref: Professional dry cleaning is recommended to get all stains and dirt out of the used dress. Store  it carefully afterwards, so it doesn’t attract dust and dirt. Either buy a preservation box and seal it in yourself or have it preserved professionally to keep it looking fresh and new. Entrust this task to a friend if you will be away on honeymoon after the wedding.

Save the cake for your anniversary

If you would like to follow the tradition of saving the first tier of your wedding cake for your first anniversary, now is the time to do it. Remove the cake from the box in which you brought it home and take off the decorations. Chill it and then secure it in plastic wrap. Finally, place it in an airtight bag and transfer it to the freezer where it should remain till your anniversary. For more details on how to do this right, check out this article. (Ref:

Send out your thank-you notes

Personalized thank you notes are a thoughtful gesture to thank your guests for their presence and presents. You will most likely have received your gifts before the wedding. This allows you to prepare most of your thank you notes in advance. After all, it isn’t easy to write all of them in one go. The better idea is to prepare your thank you notes as and when a gift arrives. If you haven’t already, start writing them in batches without further delay. Once you are back from your honeymoon, send out all these notes to the intended recipients. Do this within two months of your wedding.

Select pictures for your album

Your photographer will have your wedding pictures ready soon after the occasion. As soon as you receive it, sort and select pictures for your wedding album. Tackle this task with priority, as wedding albums are treasured heirlooms that tell the story of this special day in your life. When choosing the pictures for your album, pick your favorites and leave out the rest. This can take a while, as you will most likely have many pictures to choose from. Group them according to the sequence of events on your wedding day. Then find a suitable layout and place your order.

Complete official name change formalities

If you will adopt your husband’s last name after your wedding, begin the formalities for it soon after you receive your marriage license. Don’t forget to apply for the name change in your license, passport, social security card and all other relevant documents. Also update your name change in all documentation where your name is mentioned. This would include bank accounts, insurance policies, employee information etc. While some places require just a phone call or website form to update the change, you may have to visit others in person. Make sure you do this soon after your nuptials, to sort it out quickly and efficiently. More details are available here. (Ref:

Sort through your wedding gifts

You may have received duplicates of the same item on your registry. It is also possible to receive gifts that weren’t on your registry and have no use for. Sort through your wedding gifts soon after the wedding and separate these items from the rest. Then head over to the store where you are registered, to return or exchange them. The return policies often vary from one store to another, and there is usually a time limit within which returns are acceptable. If you wait too long it may not be possible for you to get the gift exchanged at all. If you have received gift vouchers in lieu of gifts, make sure you take note of the validity date and plan your shopping trip accordingly.

Don’t forget your vendors

Clients usually search for favorable reviews of vendors before booking their services. You may have done the same for your wedding. If the vendors at your wedding did a fantastic job, share your experience with the online community through your review of them. Discuss their services on wedding boards and give good feedback. This is a wonderful way to express your gratitude for their efforts in making your day special. It will improve their service ratings and give their business a boost. Also, don’t forget to recommend your vendors to your friends and relatives when they plan their own weddings.

Take down or update your wedding website

Now that your wedding website has served its purpose, it is time to take it down and avoid paying to keep it live. If it is a free website, you can consider keeping it for some more time to share photos of the event with your friends and family. Nevertheless, remove the registry, invitation details and other information that is no longer required, from the website.

Author Bio: Best for Bride – is a bridal dress boutique that caters to brides from Canada and all over the world. Apart from bridal gowns, this dress chain has everything a bride needs for her all-important wedding day. They also carry bridesmaid’s dresses and dresses for the rest of the bridal party. All details regarding their services, inventory and online shopping option are available at the Best for Bride website.


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