Wedding Planning Tips with Tash – Getting Started

I know it’s April but it’s never too late to say HAPPY New Year! I’ve been sooo busy planning my wedding I have neglected my blog 😦 sorry.

I seriously can’t believe how quickly time flies, my wedding is in three months!!!! Aahhhhh! I’m starting a new wedding segment on the blog today  “Wedding Planning Tips with Tash” I’ll be sharing all the details of my upcoming wedding, along with some helpful tips. If you’re engaged I hope you find this segment helpful.

OK, so you just got engaged and don’t know where to start. Here are some decisions you should make to get the ball rolling.

Bridal Party

Choose your bridal party. That was the first thing we did and probably the easiest. You want your closest friends standing by your side on the big day.

Guest List

Decide on whether you want a small and intimate wedding or a big wedding. A huge amount of your other decisions and cost will be based on how many people will be attending your wedding. Because we both have a large family, we set a maximum number of guests that we could not go over. That number includes family, friends, significant others, and friends of both sets of parents. This process was hard, but we did it and didn’t go over our set number……well not yet.

Set a budget

Once you’ve figured out the guest list, sit down and set an overall budget that includes items that will contribute to your wedding day. Such as ceremony & reception venue, flowers, centerpieces, food, photographer, videographer, DJ, wedding stationary, gifts, wedding attire, officiant, hair/makeup, rings, favours and more.

Find a venue and pick a date

Time to find the venue of your dreams. Here are a few things to consider.

  • Do you want a venue that has everything on site or a venue that is bare.
  • Will the Ceremony and reception be held at two separate places
  • Are you flexible with the date/season. Weddings tend to be cheaper during the winter months and mid-week.

Finding the perfect venue can be tiring and time-consuming. There are a lot of wedding venues in Toronto so do your research. Once you find a venue be sure to read and understand your contract before signing. You don’t want any surprises.

Happy Planning

Tash ♥ xo


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