Trind Nail Polish Review

(Left) Dark Scarlet by Trind  (Right) Denim by Trind

I was recently asked by Obsessed Canada to review the Trind nail polish brand.

Trind is new to Canada but has been Europe’s most trusted and respected line of hand and nail care for over 25 years. Trind caring colour nail polish is known to be gentle and even healthy for your nails. Their nail colour has specially been developed to strengthen your nails as you wear it. It has ingredients to maintain the vitality of your nails.

Because there was an array of pretty colours I found it hard to only choose two. But I chose Dark Scarlet and Denim.

20140423-133900.jpgDark Scarlet

I’m in love with this colour! With Spring in the air and summer just around the corner I think this is a perfect go to colour.


I’m also a fan of this dark dramatic blue, which is popular in decor right now.

The polish was easy to work with and the brushes are nice. I loved  the consistency and didn’t find it streaky at all. I used two coats to get an even and full coat. My nails started chipping on the 3rd day. Are my nails healthier? Not sure, but my nails feel stronger.

To see a list of the full selection click here. All Trind products ship free within Canada.

Tash ♥ xo



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