Rockin my Fro in the Summer


I have always had long hair it became a part of my identity.

For nine months I wore extensions to help my hair transition from relaxed to natural. In November 2012 I decided I was going to do the big chop! There was no stopping me I made up my mind! I was ready for the change so I made an appointment at the Curl Bar. My stylist’s name was Carlene, she was really nice. We talked before she did anything to my hair. She wanted to make sure I was ready for this change and gave me different options if I wasn’t sure, but I was ready! We decided to cut my hair a bit shorter than my new growth, for better curl definition. As she was cutting I thought I would have cried or felt emotional in some way but surprisingly I didn’t.


Advice – Never cut your hair in the Winter!! I got sick right after my hair cut 😦


I have never cut my hair this short before. I wasn’t sure about the new look. I looked like a completely different person, I looked older. I was so nervous about how people would react to the change. My boyfriend, family, friends and colleagues. It also didn’t help that my family members did not support or understand my decision to go Natural!! It’s funny my non-black friends were more supportive of my natural journey than my black friends.

At work people were excited to see my new hairdo. Some loved it and others were like why?!! Family members were shocked I cut my hair and some laughed at my new hairdo.The boyfriend on the other hand loved the new look and continues to support my natural hair journey. He even called me a sell out when I put extensions back in my hair a week after my Big Chop. He kept telling me to take it out and rock my fro. My excuse was, it was just too cold.

The mental transition has been the hardest part of this journey. I was unconsciously taught as a child that my kinks were ugly, and that way of thinking is not going to change overnight.


I have taken out my braids and I’m learning to love my kinks one day at a time.

“The mental transition is much harder than cutting off the relaxed hair. You have to train your mind to forget everything it’s been taught about what is beautiful and socially acceptable. You have to decide, with certainty, that you are beautiful as you are. You also have to choose what is best for you and don’t let anyone make you feel bad about your choices” –Source

Tash ♥ xo


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4 thoughts on “Rockin my Fro in the Summer

  1. That it’s both conscious and more insidiously, sub-consciously learned, is the saddest part.
    I’ve worn my hair mostly natural for quite some time – but I have ‘gone’ back to a texturizer over the years thinking that I didn’t want ‘straight’ hair, but I wanted to make my hair ‘easier’ to handle/have curls.
    Once you learn what your hair does (and it DOES take time and LOT’s of experimenting) – you realize how amazing your own natural hair is and how unnecessary (and harmful!), using chemicals is.
    BUT, it’s true, that sub-conscious belief is still there. It’s getting broken down – but it will take time. That’s why I think it’s so important for media to represent naturals. We need to SEE true representations of ourselves reflected back at us and hopefully we’ll see more and more women accepting themselves and their natural hair!


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