DIY Framed Butterfly Wall Art

Can you guys guess which one of these framed butterflies is my DIY?


I’ve been drooling over the framed butterfly Wall Art after a visit to Homesense and West Elm a while back.


I had planned on going back to Homesense to pick this up, but now I don’t need to because I’ve made my own!


West Elm pheromone wall art natural butterflies $225

I was inspired to create this easy and affordable DIY after watching Colin and Justin on last weeks episode of Cityline.

butterfly art

Image Source

All of these items are dollar store finds created by Colin and Justin! Isn’t it Ah-mazing?!


Image Source

Colin & Justin’s DIY Butterfly Wall Art. Not sure if you can tell but the 3D mirrored butterfly is on the outside glass of the frame.

After watching the segment I came up with my own version. I didn’t like that the mirrored butterflies were on the outside of the frame. I wanted them on the inside and needed a frame with depth, so off to the Dollar store I went.


I went to Dollarama and picked up;

A picture frame (I found the one I was looking for) -$2.00

2 package of Crafts Decorative butterflies $1.25 each

The 3D mirrored butterlies are also sold at Dollarama, but I already had a pack I bought at a Kitchen Stuff Plus sale months ago. I had planned on using it somewhere in the house but I wasn’t sure where, until now.

I brought out my trusty glue gun and got to work. I glued the craft butterfly onto the 3D butterfly. I only glued the centre and NOT the sides. I flipped over the paper that came with the frame and glued the butterflies to it, put it in the frame and voila. Very easy!


This DIY was only $5! What do you guys think?

This project is great for those that like the look of the framed butterfly art but don’t like butterfly taxidermy.

Tash ♥ xo


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