@Ikeacanada Vittsjo Hack

I’ve been obsessing a lot lately over the Hayworth mirrored vanity. I love the collection, it has a Hollywood glam feel, which is the style and the look I am going for in my bedroom.


Isn’t it gorgeous?! Unfortunately I cannot afford it and it’s a bit too big for my small bedroom 😦 But when I buy my house this will definitely be on my must have list! However, I’ve come up with another idea that will do until that time comes. I’ve decided to Hack the Ikea Vittsjo laptop desk. There are so many Hacks on the Vittsjo line. I chose this table because it’s a great size, it’s affordable and very versatile.


I’m going to turn this plain laptop table into my “Hollywood glam” makeup Vanity by spray painting it gold.



What do you think? Doesn’t the gold give it a high-end look?

I don’t really like the wood so I’ve come up with an alternative idea. I’ll post pics when I’m done accessorizing.

Tash ♥ xo


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5 thoughts on “@Ikeacanada Vittsjo Hack

  1. Awesome job! Looks soooo nice, I can’t wait to see it. I want to do the tv bench but use it as a coffee table… I have been looking for one like that but in either gold or silver. Problem solved!


  2. Oh wow – look at you diy-ing it up! Nice job. The lap-top table is a great bang for the buck at only $35. I was going to buy it myself – but am still figuring out what pieces I really need.


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