U-Stripe It and Design Tool Review

A few months back I was contacted by Phillip Menendez (distributor), and asked if I wanted to review the U-Stripe It & design tool. This tool is suppose to make painting a striped wall really easy.

Remember I tried the tool in my entryway but had some difficulties because the walls were not straight?! Well I’ve decided to try again! My friend Jenna also wanted to do a striped wall and asked if I wanted to come over and help, with my tool in hand I was ready to roll.


I received everything I needed to create the stripes. The U-Stripe It & Design Tool, a roll of   Painter’s Tape, two levels that attach to the tool (so you can create straight and even lines…very important!) and double-sided tape.

The Before Picture

We’ll be painting a Grey and White striped accent wall in her bedroom.


Jenna has already prepared the wall by painting it White.

Before we started we poured a glass of wine, took a look at the Instructions/instructional video and we were set to go.

STEP ONE: We determined the desired width of the stripes she wanted to create, and then locked the tool in place.

STEP TWO: We placed the tool in the top corner of the wall; we checked that it was level and we were ready to tape. Not sure if you can see in the picture below but I’m holding the tool and Jenna is taping (I couldn’t handle the pressure of taping).


Step three was a bit confusing for us, but we eventually got the hang of it.

Position the tool over the tape, which was just placed on the wall during step two, using the inside of the tool as a guide; place the next strip of tape on the outside of the tool extending it from top to bottom.



We taped the length of the tool, I slid it over as far as I could reach (because we were on top of the chairs), tore the tape, re-positioned the tool and continued that processes until we got to the end.


We put tape in the lines we weren’t painting. After taking a look at it we decided to re-tape the top. The bottom lines were taped better because the more we did the better we got at it.


 It’s time to Paint.


Sorry we didn’t take any pictures of us painting 😦


 The painting is complete and I’m checking out our work.


Time for the Reveal


Jenna “Dramatically” pulling off the tape


 Cheers to a job well done and the best part is, it didn’t take forever!

The After Picture


Doesn’t it look pretty? We ABSOLUTELY love it!!!

 At first we found the tool a bit confusing (Mostly step three), but we eventually got the hang of it. The tool was quick and easy to use. We were happy with the results, even and straight lines! For horizontal stripes I strongly recommend using this tool with a partner. One person to hold the tool and another to tape. I’ll definitely use this tool again, maybe I’ll try a chevron wall in my office. Thanks Phill! And thank you Jenna for letting me help.

Tash ♥ xo


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