Vegas Themed Partaaay

The boyfriend recently celebrated his 30th birthday and had a Vegas themed party. Guess who was in charge of making it all happen? Me of course. I have never planned a big party before and the tight budget didn’t help. But I’m happy to say I made it work 🙂 And from the feedback I received it was one hell of a party!

To find out the exact look the boyfriend wanted we went to Pinterest for ideas/inspiration. This process was great because we quickly realized he was drawn to a certain era and look. He liked the old school Rat pack vibe. This was great because I now had a jumping point.


Take a look at my Las Vegas Theme Party Board

With the help of Pinterest I came up with a Color Theme, Decoration, Table settings, and Dessert/Candy Bar ideas.

The most difficult part of the party planning was getting people to RSVP. I think the reason for that was because I sent out Facebook invites. I sent the invites a month in advance with specific instruction and a cut off date. I soon realized a lot of people don’t read their Facebook invites. I had to crack the whip and get serious with them! If they weren’t on the guest list they were not getting in!! Yes there was a guest list and yes I had a door person with strict instructions.

The Entrance


We had to make sure we did it right and have our guest arrive on the Red Carpet

The Space was a mess! There was a lot of cleaning that needed to be done. Here are some progress pics


And here some after progress pics.



This beautiful fruit platter was made by my co-worker Jackie.


The Spread and Dessert/Candy Bar.


We even had a stilt walker!


And a Photo-Booth


The chips were used to get tickets for the awesome raffle prizes.


Thank you to David at Dairy Queen for perfecting my Ice Cream Cake design!


Me & The B-day boy.

Thank you to Ronaldo Tungol Photography and Branda Dale Photography

For my 30th I plan on having a party planner 🙂

Tash ♥ xo


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