DIY Stairway/Entryway Makeover Part Two

“In my world there are only two days of the week. “Friday” and “Not Friday.” Happy Friday! I hope you are all staying warm and keeping safe in this terrible Snow storm.

I’ve kept you all in suspense long enough. ……… which wallpaper did the boyfriend choose?

He chose the Birch Tree Wallpaper! It was definitely the more masculine of the two so I’m not surprised. I was leaning towards Option 1.


His reasons were he really loved the Birch tree and thought option 1 would make our entryway too dark.

The plan was to put the Wallpaper up ourselves. However, the boyfriend had other plans. He wanted to surprise me by having it up before I got home from work. Due to our poorly built walls, he asked our friend Martin to help him with this daunting task. Unfortunately I ruined the surprise by coming home early.


Martin is a Carpenter who knows how to do everything! He does it all, from set designs, to building decks and Cabins. He’s an all around handy man and great guy!


Some of you were a bit confused about which wall the wallpaper was going on, so here are some side by side pic for clarification.

Martin is measuring the wall so he can accurately cut the strips of wallpaper.


This was NOT an easy task. Martin almost broke up with us over that stupid wall!


We didn’t have a Wallpaper trough so we improvised by using a storage bin. It wasn’t ideal but it got the job done.


The only thing the boyfriend could really do 🙂


Almost done and it’s looking good!

In the meantime, I kept myself busy by painting


“Voilà” a few more coats and it’s as good as new!

Stay tuned for the reveal.

Tash ♥ xo


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