DIY Stairway/Entryway Makeover Part One

Happy Friday February 1st y’all!

The first thing we did when we started this project was get rid of the slatwall in the entryway. I’m not sure why the landlord decided to put it up, but we needed to take that ish down if we were going to do (at that time) a Striped wall. But before we took it down the boyfriend had to make sure everything was in tact and fine behind the wall.



A bit of sanding and it’s ready to paint. We used CIL paint in Veil


Because the stairway is so dark we wanted to paint it a light color to brighten it up.


Remember the leftover paint I had from my Bathroom Vanity Makeover? Well I put it to good use.


The handrail NEEDED some sprucing up!

I figured if we plan to live here for another couple of years a new runner would be a good investment. So we came up with an offer for our landlords, if we paid for the new runner they would have to find someone to install it. That sounds fair right? They thought so too cause they agreed! I mean they’re the ones benefiting in the long run.


Image Source

 Gorgeous runners! I love the black and white geometric pattern and want it, but let’s get real a purchase like that is best for homeowners not renters. It probably costs an arm and a leg. With my measurements on hand, I went to Home Depot and searched for the cheapest runner I could find. Not only did it have to be cheap, but it also had to look good.


Our options

The boyfriend and I talked about it…….So what did we choose?


I love it!! And the price was great! With taxes it came up to about $90.00.

Now that the carpet is out of the way, the Wallpaper was next on my list. I narrowed it down to these two beauties.


And the boyfriend is going to choose!

What do you think of my progress so far? What do you think the boyfriend should choose? Would love to hear your thoughts.

Have a great weekend!

Tash ♥ xo


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2 thoughts on “DIY Stairway/Entryway Makeover Part One

  1. I like the trees one! It’s brighter and has more character and depth than the other one … but is it crazy to only do the wall opposite the railing? Just a thought…
    Good job guys!


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