Fuse Condo Model Suite

The Boyfriend and I have talked a lot lately about buying property    We recently when to a few open houses to see what we could get in our price range and to see what’s on the market. One of the property we looked into were the new Fuse Condo. The Fuse Modern Condominiums and Authentic Lofts is a new condo project currently in preconstruction at the Dupont St & Lansdowne area. We took a look at the Two Bedroom two bathroom 794 sq. ft Model suite

“Fuse Condos is a Yin and Yang fusion of an authentic warehouse with a modern tower, a fusion of rustic sensibilities with sleek modern styling, a one-of-a-kind condo project that has the city buzzing. Fuse Condos is another success story from Neudorfer’s successes with Upside Down Condos, Electric City, Foundry Lofts, and the creation of Davenport Village” – Source




The Kitchen


Image Source


The boyfriend checking out the space. The Kitchen/Dining area

2012_08_14_04_34_19_fuse_model_suiteDining area Image Source


Image Source


Living Room


Image Source


Guest Room


Master Bedroom


Image Source


The main Bathroom has a shower



The Master bath has a tub

Image Source

The boyfriend isn’t a big fan of condo’s. I don’t have anything against them I just don’t like the condo fee’s. But we both liked the Model suite and the balcony was a really good size.

The prize range is between  $224,900 To $331,900 which isn’t too bad.

What do you prefer a House or a Condo?

Tash ♥ xo


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3 thoughts on “Fuse Condo Model Suite

  1. That’s true but if money wasn’t an option which would you choose? Some people don’t want to get a house because of maintenance like gardening, cutting grass, shoveling snow etc. And a Condo all of that is taking care of but you lose on sq ft.


  2. I think Condo. But that’s two-fold. I don’t want to deal with house maintenance – but I’d be okay with it if my partner did… But also, at this point, I’d prefer to live in the city – so a condo would be the choice.


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