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Prince Amponsah is a one of a kind character with a big heart and a genuine concern for others. That is why it is so difficult to accept the tragedies he has recently endured…

At only twenty-seven years of age, Prince was tragically the victim of an early morning fire that broke out at 410 Queen St W., Toronto on November 12, 2012. He is now suffering the consequences of 2nd and 3rd degree burns to 65 percent of his body – not to mention – the loss of his left and right hand, as well as his right forearm.  And adding to this tragedy was the loss of his stepfather two weeks prior to the fire.

We are starting this fundraiser for Prince so we can help him in rebuilding whats left of his life. Putting back together the pieces of his life that were destroyed by the fire.There is no such thing as too little when it comes to help! If everyone contributes there’s no doubt that we can reach our goal.

It’s hard to comprehend what Prince will have to accept once he awakes from his coma. He will have to accept that he no longer has his home; the place where he sleeps; his clothes that keep him warm; and his simple small joys in life like his comic books, play bills, CDs, etc. All the small things we take for granted – he lost in the span of three minutes. The months to come will be the most difficult, as he will have to learn how to adapt to a new life style with the loss of his hands. The simple things like eating, opening doors and using the phone will become everyday challenges for him.

We know Prince is strong, what with his positivity and rare energy that can’t be beat – but with the addition of our support and care, his recovery will be unstoppable! We want to guarantee that one day he will learn to find the beauty in life as he once did before this unfortunate event. Our aim is to raise over $5000 to help assist him and his family that he financially supports.If you know anyone that is able to help us in any way, shape or form (i.e. connections to any source of media, venues or clothing companies, etc).

For more information please contact:

Lets get together, rebuild a life and make a difference!

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This story has touched my heart. I don’t know him personally but I have seen him on stage in the Toronto Theatre community. And from what I have heard, he seems like a nice and generous guy. Please help if you can.

Tash ♥ xo


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