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My friend Felicia and I recently attended an iyellow wine school tasting.  Below she shares her experience.

What was I doing this past Halloween? I was not handing out candy to the hundreds of kids that usually visit my parent’s house. I did not dress up, thank goodness cause I think at my age I’m a little too old for that.
While I did nothing related to the annual festivities, I must say it was a night full of treats, as my friend Tash and I had a ladies night out, attending the  iYellow Wine School’s weekly wine tasting at the Ritz Carlton in Toronto.

With about 30 people, a mix of past and new attendees, we started our night with three Chardonnay’s, learning about corking methods, alcohol content, the wine regions and the years that were for Canadian wine makers. We ended the night of seeing, swirling, smelling, sipping and savouring, with three red wines accompanied by, my personal favourite, the cheese and crackers tray!

By the time we left I have to admit I was a little tipsy, and felt as sophisticated leaving the Ritz as I did entering. But best of all was that I left grateful to have a friend to share a new experience with.

Thanks Tash. Can’t wait for our next adventure!

Felicia Daisy

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Thank you Taylor Thompson and the iYellow Wine team for help building my wine confidence. I had a great time and learned a lot. Also a big Thank you to my girl Felicia for sharing her experience and making that night much more enjoyable.  iYellow Wine School is Tash Approved!!

Interested in enrolling? Click Here

I hope you are all enjoying the weekend

Tash ♥ xo


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