La Tease Pics

I’m sooo pleased, I went to La Tease!!! It was a fun night. I met new people, learned some new dance moves and  had a lot of  tasty treats YUMMMMMMM. Check out some pics from that night.

Shawn from the Chocolate Butterfly with his sexy treats↓
Diva Girls Meghan Kate & Jessica
The Diva girls showing us some sexy moves! HOT HOT HOT!
Natalie & Jen from My Little Secrets. Affordable and Fashionable products. Check out their site.
Sandra & Susan from Natural Pheromones. Their products will help to increase confidence, sexual libido and instantly attract the opposite sex.
I had a great time with the Arbonne ladies!!
Luis and his beautiful Corazon De Melon Bags. I love handbags
The Ladies enjoying themselves
Laura & Tamika

The Pre-Valentine’s Day event hosted by DivaGirl Fitness and Shop Socials was a success. Thanks for the invite Tamika. Had a lot of fun. Can’t wait for the next one.

Tash xo


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