Wedding Planning Tips With Tash – Let’s Talk Stationary


Wedding stationary can get very pricey, we decided earlier on that we wanted to save on our invitations. The options are endless nowadays so we decided to do a bit of everything. Everything being DIY, paperless and print. I was looking to save as much as I could, so for our Save-the-Dates we went paperless. Electronic Save-the-Dates guarantees friends and family mark […]

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Wedding Planning Tips With Tash – Saying Yes To The Dress


Berta Bridal Dress Hey loves, Sorry for the lack of posts, I was busy prepping for our wedding and getting married! I can’t believe I’m a married woman!!! Ahhhhh! It’s been two and a half weeks and I’m still excited and in awe that I married my best friend. I couldn’t have asked for a better day. […]

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Wedding Planning Tips with Tash – Style, Colour & Decor

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  Hey loves, I’m back with another wedding post. Today I’ll be talking about theme, style, colour and décor, the fun stuff…. well for me anyway. Planning the theme or style of your wedding gives you the opportunity to express your personality and style as a couple. Your theme doesn’t have to be complicated it […]

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